Commercial Pool Filtration

Our zeolite product is the only filter media which has ever been recognised with water saving capacity


Commercial Benefits

Filtration to 2 microns

Lab tests performed by the Australian Water Quality Centre (Adelaide) mimicked both in and above ground pool conditions. Results showed a filtration of dirt particles down to 2 microns filtering out giardia, cryptosporidium, and amonia.

Increased efficiency

Our product has been proven to improve the filtration flow rate by a minimum of 30%; generating faster more efficient filtration. Additionally, because of the hardness of the product it doesn't degrade at the same rate as other media (such as sand - see below for more info).

Graded to retrofit existing systems

The cost of swapping to our media is not prohibitive. The product is graded to retro fit existing sand filters so you don't have to spend excessive amounts of money to reap the reward.


Why choose Zeolite as our filter media?
  1. The performance of D.E. with the ease of sand.
  2. Better filtration (2 microns) means a saving in chemicals usage and better looking water.
  3. Removal of ammonia – better swimming comfort – no smell – no more irritation to skin and eyes.
  4. Because of its greater surface are you will not have to backwash as often – on average twice as long between backwashing therefore saving water – up to 50%
  5. Leading Australian swimming pool filter manufactures recognise these benefits and have chosen to promote this ultimate filter media.
  6. No only has Zelbrite been chosen as the best form of filter media in domestic pools it is being used in many aquatic centres – swim schools and council pools through Australia and overseas.
  7. Zelbrite comes from a naturally formed volcanic rock which is mined at Werris Creek in Northern N.S.W. Australia.
How much do I need in my filter

Our product has a lower bulk density than sand, hence you require 75% by weight of the amount of sand required, and this will vary depending on the size of the filter. A 15kg bag of Zeolite is equivalent in volume to a 20kg bag of sand.


Most filters have a name plate which will give you the size of the tank, e.g. 24in and also specify the amount of sand required, for example 140kg, which is 7x20kg bags of sand, or 7x15kg bags of our media.

Can I buy from you directly?

Unfortunately No, our filter media is packaged for market as Zelbrite® and is distributed through Australia and overseas by leading filter manufacturers and pool products suppliers who supply pool stores, service contractors and pool builders.


We would be happy to put you in touch with your nearest supplier if you are interested in our product however.

Superior Filtration

With all the unique properties of clinoptilolite working in Zelbrite, the pool water not only gets a superior “physical” treatment but an additional “chemical” treatment, resulting in cleaner pool water.

No other filtration medium on the market (such as sand and diatomaceous earth (DE) can produce this “double whammy” treatment of pool water!




  • Backwash Frequency
  • Efficiency
  • Filtration
  • Lifespan
  • Value


  • Every Month
  • 50% More water than Zeolite
  • 15 Microns (Further additives required for better results)
  • 5 Years Before Decay to 20-25 Micron Efficiency
  • 100Kgs needed for comparitive results


  • 6 - 10 Weeks
  • 50% Less Water than Sand For same Quality Backwash
  • 2 Microns (all natural with no additives)
  • 15 - 20 Years only 20% reduction in roughness
  • only 75Kgs needed for comparitive results

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