Pool Filtration


Market Leading Filtration Media

Our filter media offers superior water quality unmatched by traditional methods of pool filtration.

It dramatically reduces pool odour and eye and skin irritation by markedly reducing chloramine formation.

Via a greater dirt retention capacity it results in far fewer backwashing cycles and a far longer product viability lifespan - making it more environmentally friendly and more friendly on your savings!

It also offers a water clarity (via better filtration) far superior to alternative medias which makes for a much more aesthetically pleasing pool... Oh, and it fits existing systems without any  conversion works. Find out about the benefits of specific use case scenarios below!

  • Chemical Free & Environmentally Friendly
  • Economical for both water and wallet!
  • Healthier & More Aesthetically Pleasing
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An Unmatched Product

300 Million years in the making. Our product has stood the test of time.


Our Customer Say

Geelong Aquatic Centre

The filters have been easier to maintain and the cleanliness of the water has been exceptional.

YMCA Auckland

After the trials held here we have found that Zeolite reduces backwashes and cac’s. It also provides crystal clear water and a level of clarity of water which could only be achieved by flocculating a sand filter.

Dr R H J Hyne

the pool is now always sparkling clear, and backwashing is only necessary about monthly.

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Less backwashing, less water use, longer lifespan, and better filtration. All this amounts to a better product for less out of pocket expense. Why not at least enquire?