Waste Product & Odour Management

One of the major by-products of the feedlot industry is animal waste in the form of manures, which creates moisture and can attract flies and produce odours.


Commercial Benefits

Feedlot Liquid Effluent Management

Liquid Effluent is produced primarily from wet weather runoff. Continual urine production can add to the moisture of the pens.

Reduced Nitrogen in runoff.

Solids retention facilities on feedlot sites are generally adequate. The nutrient retention properties of Natural Australian Zeolite mean that in particular more of the valuable Nitrogen is trapped in the solid wastes where it can be used as a fertiliser instead of lost to the waterways where it may be a pollutant.

Natural Australian Zeolite contains predominantly Calcium and Magnesium as the exchangeable cations, the Sodium status of liquid effluent is also improved relative to other rumen buffers.

Feedlot Odour Management

Natural Australian Zeolite has a twofold effect on reducing odour.

Absorbs Gases

Zeolite absorbs gases including ammonia and hydrogen sulphite, which elvolve from the breakdown of urine and manure breakdown.

Absorbs Water

absorbs water that results in a drier manure pad. Industry research shows that odour increases with humidity and by maintaining a drier pad, then feedlot odour is significantly reduced.

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