In a trial comprised of 6000 steers, Zeolite fed animals gained 143 g/day more than the control group.

This respresents over 40kgs of extra weight over a 280 day feed period


Commercial Benefits

Improved Weight Gains

The application of Zeolite overseas has resulted in improved feed conversion and weight gains. Rresearchers using Zeolite in the range of 2.5% to 4% of a ration showed weight gains of up to 5% over the ‘control’ groups and feed reductions of between 3% and 5%.

Allows greater Urea Tolerance

The ability of Natural Australian Zeolite to selectively absorb ammonium is reported to both reduce urea toxicity and improve rumen utilisation of urea supplied nitrogen. This is extremely important in farm-based feedlots where the cost of bought in protein supplements is very high and the safe utilisation of increased urea involves large cost savings.

  • Increase 1% Urea in the diet (10kg/ton)
  • Include 2.5% Natural Australian Zeolite (25kg/ton)
Save $ ton on feed by supplying rumen microbes with some of their ammonium requirement as urea instead of expensive protein supplements (many of which are broken down to ammonium in any case).

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences reports that urea can substitute for much of the supplemental protein and is used most efficiently in high-energy (feedlot) diets.

Better Rumen Buffer at a Fraction of the Cost

Natural Australian Zeolite has also performed comparably with other rumen buffers such as Sodium Bicarbonate at a fraction of the cost and without increasing the Sodium loading on the feedlot site.

Improved Rumen Microbial Activity

Some researchers suggest that dietary Natural Australian Zeolite, by maintaining a more effective rumen buffer and an improved electrolyte balance, enable the rumen microbial populations to increase to more productive levels and therefore increase dietary fibre utilisation.

Reduced Acidosis (grain poisoning)

The cation exchange capacity (CEC) of Natural Australian Zeolite enables effective rumen buffering (pH) which can reduce the acidosis effects of excessive grain intake especially during the introductory phase of feedlot rations.

Increase binding of AFLATOXINS

Other researchers report the Natural Australian Zeolite binds aflatoxins and protects livestock from their ill effects. This can be very important in farm-based feedlots where grain storage may not be perfect.

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