Zeolite in Agriculture

Consistent Trial Results

Our zeolite (from deposits in northern NSW) has been trialled under a wide range of growing conditions in various parts of Australia. These trials have ranged from glasshouses to intensive vegetable growing.

All trials have given consistently good commercial results with soil and nutrient efficiency improvements. Trials have been undertaken under both organic and inorganic growing processes and, more importantly, using a range of fertiliser options.

result from carrot trial at Frankston


Carrots on the left
- without Zeolite

Carrots on the right
- with Zeolite

Results of Carrot Trial at Frankston

Seedling trials have shown improvements in early root development. Overseas trials have resulted in better quality produce (improved vitamin levels) with reduced nitrate levels in produce and earlier ripening of crops. Yield improvements have been achieved with more efficient fertiliser usage - and less leaching.

Bundaburg Tomato Trial - Qld 1988-89

  Control Grower Practice Control + Zeolite 600kg/ha * Yield Increase
Yield (cases/ ha) 3,750 4,125 10% (375 cases/ha)
* zeolite was banded into row with fertiliser.

Economic Benefit

Additional revenue - 375 cases@$10 $3,750
Marketing and harvesting costs ($5/case) $1,875
Additional Profit from Zeolite (per ha) $1,875
Cost of zeolite (600kg/ha) $   170
Net Increased return due to zeolite $1,705 per ha





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