ZELflocc detailed product information ( Acrobat pdf - 28.7k)

ZELflocc is a process for the enhancement of wastewater purification systems which utilises the unusual properties of the natural mineral zeolite to improve the performance and/or capacity of existing treatment systems, or to reduce capital expenditure on new treatment systems.

ZELflocc offers exciting possibilities for improvements to, and cost savings for, municipal wastewater treatment systems. It should be emphasised, however, that these advantages are not limited to municipal systems, being equally applicable to many industrial situations.

From an environmental point of view ZELflocc offers a low cost, easy to implement, means of providing enhanced environmental protection, greater system capacity, reduced odour both during treatment and subsequent sludge reuse, receiving water protection from heavy metals, reduced metal salt additions for phosphorus precipitation, and desirable characteristics for sludge reuse.

ZELflocc benefits include:

  • Increased plant capacity reduces capital expenditure and running costs.
  • Improved effluent quality (reduced nutrients) assists authority compliance and provides greater protection to the receiving environment.
  • Diminished chemical costs due to reduced dosing for nutrient removal.
  • Improved sludge characteristics improve resale value of sludge.
  • Improve dewaterability of sludges can result in disposal cost savings.
  • Reduced polymer requirements for sludge de-watering reduces chemical costs.
  • Reduced levels of odour assist EPA compliance and public complaints.






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