Product and Technology Overview

Zeolite Australia has an impressive range of zeolite-based solutions in water treatment agriculture and industry.

Zeolite Based Technologies

1. ZELflocc Process

Cost effective process for treating waste water:
  • Increases plant capacity, very low capital cost
  • Improves nitrification and effluent quality
  • Removes heavy metals.
  • Improves bio-solids reuse potential.
  • Reduces polymer chemical dosing
  • More about Zelflocc >>

2. ZELamm & ZELden Processes

Processes for removal of ammonia -nitrogen (nutrients) in waste waters
  • Applications: Landfill leachate waste water treatment plants without nutrient removal.

3. Zelfume Technology

Light weight concrete system for:
  • Sprayed concrete (shotcrete),
  • Oil & Gas well completion,
  • Construction Panels,
  • Reduces Portland Cement usage & energy requirement.

4. Zelbrite

Water filtration media technology:
  • Superior filtration media for the swimming pool/spa market
  • Polishing (purification) of potable water (in place of sand).
  • Purification in aquaculture: ammonia-nitrogen removal Tertiary treatment of waste water.
  • More about Zelbrite >>

5. Rumenzel & Polyzel

Feed additives for use in animal farming:
  • Improves feed conversion to protein
  • Buffers effect of toxins in moist feeds,
  • Improves nitrogen retention in manures:
  • Less run-off pollution.
  • More about Rumenzel >>

6. Toxic Waste Encapsulation

  • Process for encapsulation of toxic wastes.
  • Examples include heavy metal contamination, fly ash Encapsulation.

7. Smart Fertilizer Delivery

Development of "smart" fertilizer delivery systems with Zeolite.
  • Result in more efficient application of broad scale fertilizers, less pollution (fertilizer loss/runoff).
  • Greater efficiency in crop/plant utilisation of fertilizer


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